Competition Rules 2022/23



  1. Maximum 5 Players vs 5 Players on the field at any time.
  2. For the Adult Mixed Competitions only, there must be 2 female players on the field at all times. Should this not be possible, then the game is forfeited. This applies to mid-match injuries as well. For the avoidance of doubt, if a mixed team is not able to start or finish with at least 2 female players on the field at all times for whatever reason, then that team will forfeit that game. Minimum age for the Adult Mixed Competitions is 15 years of age (ie. age at time of the ‘start’ of the F5s competition).
  3. Maximum 3 substitutes allowed per match
  4. Minimum 3 players (per team) required on the field at all times otherwise a forfeit will be declared.
  5. No Goalkeepers. ie. use of hands not permitted anywhere on the field.
  6. Goals can be scored from anywhere on the field.
  7. 25 Minutes of match play per half (clock will not stop for any outages) x 2 halves per match.
  8. 5 minutes break will be allowed for half time.
  9. Should any team not be ready and on the park with at least 3 players, within 5 minutes of the scheduled kick-off, that team will forfeit the game.
  10. Should for any reason (such as natural causes, altercations and abandonment) the match does not go the full allotted 25 minutes per half, if the match goes beyond half time, the result of that match will stand. If it is terminated before half time, the organisers will determine if the match will be replayed or if any or no points are to be allocated to either team.
  11. Kick-ins (not throw-ins) for balls that leave the field of play. Defenders must stand at least 1 metre (1 Large Step) from the kicker.
  12. Goal-Kicks are taken from the base line on either side of the defending goal. Defenders must stand at least 2 metres (2 Large Steps) from the kicker.
  13. There are no penalties in the regular season. Free kicks are awarded wherever the offence occurs on the field of play and the defending team can stand wherever they like provided they are 1 metre (1 Large Step) away from the kicker. Or if the free kick is within a metre from the goal line then the defenders must stand on the goal line.
  14. A goal can be scored directly from a corner or kick-in.
  15. There are no off-sides.


WIN:                     3 Points

DRAW:                 1 Point

LOSS:                    0 Points

FORFEITS:            0 Points for team that forfeits

3 points (no goals) for the team who’s opposition forfeits


  1. This competition is meant to be for fun, development and fitness so the referee’s decision on the field will at all times be final and there will no appeals process for any yellow or red cards issued.
  2. Normal football rules will apply to yellow and red cards. Ie. A yellow card shown during the match will be a caution and 2 yellow cards will constitute a red card and that player will be sent off from the field of play and not allowed back on for the remainder of the match. A straight red card for a serious offence will also constitute a sending off for the remainder of the match. Replacement players for players sent off will NOT be allowed and that team will play with less players for the remainder of the match.
  3. VAR will not be used for this competition!



  1. At the end of the regular competition, the team with the most points will be deemed to have finished first and the team with the second most points will be deemed to have finished second, and so on.
  2. Should there be multiple teams on the same amount of points, these teams will be separated as follows, in order:
    1. Best Goal Difference (ie. Goals Scored less Goals Conceded)
    2. Most Goals Scored
    3. Least Goals Conceded
  3. After this process, should there still be teams on equal standing, then the organisers may decide to arrange a play-off match at a time and date that suits the organisers and both teams.


  1. If any semi-final or grand-final match ends in a draw at the end of regulation time, extra time of 5 minutes per half x 2 halves will be played.
  2. Should the match still be drawn after extra time, an additional 5 minutes per half x 2 halves of extra time will be played. The second extra time shall be played with 1 less player per team (ie. 4 vs 4) and golden goal will decide the winner. Ie. the first goal scored in the second extra time.
  3. If a team is already short and playing with less than 5 players in a finals match and that match enters into a second period of extra time, they will not need to remove a player. It will be a maximum of 4 vs 4 players in the second phase of extra time.
  4. Should the match still not be decided after the second phase of extra time, the match will then be decided by penalties.


  1. A penalty will be taken anywhere from the half way line of the field and scored into an open goal on the other side (ie. with no goalkeepers).
  2. The referee will determine which side the penalties shall be taken and this decision will be final.
  3. Penalties will follow the same rules as usual in football. There will be 5 penalties taken by each team and whoever has scored the most penalties wins. If the penalties scored are equal after 5 penalties taken, then it moves into sudden death and the first team to miss and the other team scores, wins.
  4. Only the 5 players who finish the match are allowed to take the first 5 penalties. If it goes beyond 5 penalties, then the substitutes will take the next 3 penalties.
  5. If the team is playing with less players, then the penalties can rotate back to the first player who has taken a penalty (after everyone else has taken one).
  6. There are no rebounds allowed however if the ball strikes the post and goes in, in one motion, that will be deemed as a goal. The ball will only be considered dead when it stops rolling completely.


All rules are adopted at the discretion of the organisers and all decisions made by the organisers shall be deemed final.