5v5 Summer football
with Marrickville FC

Season 2020/2021

Season 2020/2021 Winners

Congratulations to all our Season 20/21 champions!

Juniors (U8-U10)


Under 8 & 9 White

Shamrock Rovers

Under 8 & 9 Red


Under 8 & 9 Girls

Tampa Bay Mutiny

Under 10 & 11 White


Under 10 & 11 Red

Dolphins FC

Under 10 & 11 Girls

Youth (U12-U17)

Wolverhampton Wolves

Under 12 & 13 Red

Manchester City

Under 12 & 13 White


Under 12 & 13 Girls

Liverpool FC

Under 14-16 Boys

New York Cosmos

Under 14-17 Girls


CAPS United

All Age Adult Mixed

River Plate

Men’s All Age

FC Slutsk

Over 30 Women

Seacoast United Phantoms

Over 35 Men

Latest News

Limited Places Left 1080 1080 Marrickville F5's

Limited Places Left

Although the summer competition is now closed for summer 2021/2022 there are a few places…

Summer Competition Start Date 1080 1080 Marrickville F5's

Summer Competition Start Date

We are happy to announce that we have a start date for the F5’s competition.…

Match Days Confirmed 3643 3748 Marrickville F5's

Match Days Confirmed

The match days for the summer competition have been decided. Please see the below table…

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Why play 5v5 summer football?

Keep fit and have fun!

Playing 5-aside is a game with a competitive yet social environment that provides a fun way to enjoy your summer with friends.

Skill improvement

Missed too much football this Winter? Summer football is a great way to keep improving your playing ability and technical skills such as ball control, short passing and dribbling.

High action

Summer Football is fast passed, high intensity, high action with more goals scored from both teams.